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More Than a Church


We come together to worship God with music, preaching, prayer, and Holy Communion each weekend.

We have a year-round Saturday service at 4:30pm, and Sunday services at 8:15am and 10:30am, during the school year. During the summer, our Sunday service changes to 9:00am.

You're invited to join us at any worship service. You don't need to be a Lutheran, have church experience, or even consider yourself a Christian to come and see what God is up to here.

What We Believe

At the Heart of Everything We Do

"Saved by God's mercy and called by the Holy Spirit, we share the Good News of Christ by reaching out in love."

As devoted members of St. Peter Lutheran Church, we are constantly pursuing the calling to be fully devoted followers of Christ. To build a true heaven on Earth, we live life based on the teachings of the Bible, are passionate about prayer and are grounded in spiritual accountability. If you are interested in joining our Church, please reach out. We would love for you to visit.

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